What is PRAT® ?:

Professional Rope Access Technician®
The practical, timesaving and economical advantages of Rope Access can be huge.
To ensure, that the job can be done in comfort and with maximum safety, it’s of course all important, that the workers get the very best education available.

The education and authorization to Professional Rope Access Technician® (PRAT®) gives this background and is unique and worldleading in its safety-thinking and implementation of the latest research, knowledge and techniques.

It enables each PRAT®-worker to work comfortably and safely with Rope Access.
The workers work independently in teams of two equally trained and authorized persons.
Each worker learns how to make safe belaystations, partnerchecks, supervision, and of course Rope Access.
Also PRAT®-workers are taught and trained in rescuing their colleague and in handling a number of emergency-situations.
Furthermore the PRAT®-workers are trained to report and evaluate incidents, so that safety procedures can be optimized, and routines and techniques can be changed, adapted and implemented accordingly to maximize safety.
All this constitutes a major difference, compared to other industrial rope access educations and authorizations, which lets a worker with only four days education work with industrial rope access as long as he is being supervised by a more experienced tehcnician or supervisor.

PRAT®-authorized workers, on the other hand, are allowed to work with equally trained and authorized PRAT®-workers, which allows for a great deal of flexibility.
Many years of experience also show, that this gives the highest degree of safety, which in turn also increases the feeling of confidence amongst the workers.
The PRAT®-authorization ensures that each PRAT®-supervisor is working on a safety- and technical level, at least equaling an IRATA®-supervisor.

The education typically lasts from two to four months and consists of four intensive courses, each lasting up to a week, separated by periods of training, concluding with the assessment, which in turn leads to the issuing of the PRAT®-authorization-certificate.

The PRAT®-authorization builds on many years of experience, both with industrial rope access and with mountaineering, rock climbing
What does a
Professional Rope Access Technician® do?

The PRAT®-education and authorization (Professional Rope Access Technician) gives authorization to do all aspects of industrial rope access.
A Professional Rope Access Technician® has through passed examination proven to be able to work
professionally and safe with ropes and safetyequipment in relation to “industrial rope access”.
A Professional Rope Access Technician® (PRAT®) can access and work safely in places, which might otherwise be expensive, difficult or even impossible to get to, using conventional methods, ie. by scaffolding or cranes.
The use of Rope Access Technicians has become increasingly popular in recent years in areas such as ie. windowcleaning, assembly, repair, maintenance and service, theaters, off-shore-installations, wind turbines, rotor blades and mobile-telephone-installations.
The advantages in respect to speed and economy can be great, even outstanding.
The standard:
This PRAT®-standard expresses current safetystandards for work as authorized Professional Rope Access Technicians® (PRAT®).
This standard is based on years of experiences with industrial rope access and with the professional scandinavian standard for Climbing-Activity-Leaders (KAL®), which has existed since 1992 and is the most widely spread standard for professionally arranged climbing-acivities in Scandinavia today.
Unlike some standards, the PRAT®-standard authorizes participants to do all aspects of rope access, ie. both working, setting up belay-stations and doing rescues etc. thus making it comparable to the supervisor, (level III) of some standards.
Experience tells us, that ie. a four or five day course couldn’t possibly qualify a worker to understand all the necessary safety-aspects of rope-access and certainly can not give the necessary experience and background to work safely with industrial rope access. The PRAT®-authorizations gives this background and is thus
The training:
The PRAT®-authorization usually demands some months of courses and dedicated training, combined with a rigorous two-day exam at the end.
During education the full examination requirements are taught and tranied thoroughly. This involves ao. knowledge, understanding and use of the involved equipment, communication, belaying- and safety-practices, use of different ropes, harnesses and safety-equipment, fallfactor, setting up safe belaystations, prusiking, a variety of abseiling-and jumaring-techniques, setting up ropes and positioning yourself in a working-situation.
Furthermore the education involves training a number of emergency- and rescue-procedures, which enables the technician to safely handle a number of unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.
After having gone through the examination requirements, the traning period starts.
The education concludes with a theoretical and a practical examination.
If passed, the PRAT®-authorzation-certificate is issued.
Authorization is based on the PRAT®-standard.
Authorization is attained after passing a writtten test and a comprehensive field certification / examination with both approved PRAT® examinator and approved external PRAT®-evaluator.
There are some very good reasons to be PRAT®-authorized:- You can feel confident, that your safety-practises are the very best and up-to -date.
- You’re better off in relation to family, costumers and authorities etc. who all have a legitimate interest in your safe practises.
- You’re in a much better position when negotiating and deailng with insurance-companies etc.
- You’re legally much better safeguarded in case of an accident.

The safest industrial rope access authorization
Enables you to do all kinds of rope-access work with the highest possible level of safety