PRAT® The Professional Rope Access Technician certification,
built on experience and the highest level of skills and safety.

PRAT®, the professional rope access standard and certification, that focuses on the important things.

Just two levels; Worker and Supervisor.
No requirement for a certain amount of hours to advance to Supervisor.
Includes all techniques and rescues etc. from other international rope access systems and then some.
The primary focus in PRAT® is on what you need in your daily work as a rope access technician.
Rigging and putting up ropes is thus an important part of the PRAT®-Certification system, even as a Worker.
Also the primary rescue-systems taught are the lowerable systems, which insures a smooth and safe rescue in most situations without compromising the rescuer.
Even PRAT®-Workers are trained to set up and use this rescuesystem.

PRAT® stands out by simplicity, logical thinking and a very high degree of technical skills, build in close association with the industry, during more than 20 years of experience with professional rope access.

PRAT® is thus a rope access system to suit the demands of the growing industry and the increased focus on getting the job done in the simplest and safest way.

The PRAT® certification offers a simple yet safe way to start benefiting from the advantages of industrial rope access, both as an individual and as a business.

PRAT® Workers are trained and certified in many aspects of rope access work, including rigging, setting up and using lowerable rescue systems and of course in working with rope access.

Apart from the above,
PRAT® Supervisors are trained and certified in all aspects of rope access work, including planning (ie. performing site management and producing job hazard analysis, risk assessments and rescueplans) and in advanced rigging, managing, performing rope rescues (if needed) and all kinds of rope access work, of course.

Dual and simultaneous certifications/evaluations in eg. both PRAT® and SPRAT are possible.

The safest industrial rope access authorization
Enables you to do all kinds of rope-access work with the highest possible level of safety.